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Improve your team on strategies for increasing productivity using Production Engineering

Give support to your company and your suppliers/partners give a step towards increased productivity with the use of Production Engineering, Lean Manufacturing and (Motion and Times)! According to data from ABIT (Brazilian Association of Textile and Apparel Industries) 2008. In Brazil There are about 100,000 apparels industries, what makes this branch of industry the second largest employer in the Country Losing only for construction. Of these 79%, ie 79,000 are small. These small businesses were usually created by the entrepreneurial spirit, by and large a former employees native of big companies with great experience and Low need for capital investment to undertake the formation of a clothing company.

However knowledge in one technical area is not enough to create a company structured for growth. Even with an excellent expert on overlock sewing machine, become a poor entrepreneurial. Sufferin in coordinating the company.

We at PracticalTex offer online and onsite advice and for production line leveling and workload for sewing production lines. Training your outsourcing staff and supervisors team,to ensure maximum productivity with your resources (machines and seamstresses) by the best productive cells assembly. Contact us without obligation and we will discuss strategies that will fit for your company and / or companies that produce for you.

You and your Outsourcing and Onsite production team (external sewing production) watch our website and schedule a PracticalTex presentation via Skype, of course without obligation.

Our goal is to provide the PracticalTex as a tool for reporting and monitoring the production of fashion goods, where the term, the difference in quality and detail are crucial points. That require follow-up not only in delivery, but at all stages of production, via the use of the Internet.

And PracticalTex integrate into your existing ERP. Because we live in a Globalized World, where design can be created in Latin America and is produced in Asia, integrate, communicate, and monitor the production is a challenge that Internet can and should be used as support.

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