Presentation ScriptPracticalTex Presentation for your team and partners around the World

PracticalTex System Presentation Script through Skype, a broad view of its feasibilities and how it should be used at your enterprise and partners:

- At the right moment that the Garment production order is delivered PracticalTex calculates:

* Delivery time based on the Company Productive Capacity;

* Sequence work, with the dates of each production stage;

* Raw Materials Consuption calculation (check the required production amount and inventory position of each raw material).

- Automatic generation of the Master Production Schedule

* Here you can choose the outsourcing production resource to produce by production: (cost, time, work queue, amount of work already allocated).

- Lauching Production

* View the Production Orders Status with production posted as: (on time, early or late);

* Launch the Quality Produced;

* The System draws the production line, showing the work stations, seamstresses and products being distributed.

- Group of Requested Orders

* View manufacturiong performance (ratio of operating costs and raw material against the selling price) and generates the Mark Up;

* List of required materials (fabric, threads, accessories and other);

* List of workshops and required workloads demanded for each one during the week.

- Production reports printed in PDF format, generated from any computer with Internet access.

Depending on the availability of your company professionals the presentation via Skype may last 30 minutes, 60 minutes or as long as the company considers to have a coherent overview of the PracticalTex system and our services. We are at your disposal for further information. Just call us.

Textile Engineer Eduardo Blatt - MBA

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