Chrono Analysis Training (Chronometry)Training into Chronometry Strategies with PracticalTex usage

Procedures for Production in Apparel Industry:

With the decline of the trade barriers, the local companies began to compete with the global market. Made with that commercial organizations and industrial increasingly whorequire rationalize their resources.

Organizations and entrepreneurs should consider the production capacity to establish the demand to be reached and for this reason should be under control the PRODUCTION PROCEDURES, which are the methods and the production time per unit. If he wants a Strong knowledge of his strenghts.

To give the organization a competitive advantage sustainable and controllable, the usage chrono-analysis tools provides:

*Work Method Study;

*Operation Timing Analysis;

*Determine the Standards for wages payment.

Training in Chrono-Analysis Methods:

Enable internal staff or office of product development office personnel the production process analysis, describe the best work method and stipulate the working time pattern. Be meetings conductor with supervisors and other employees with focus on the work method evolution.

Chrono-Analysis Team Training, in room and also in the field, practicing the exercises proposed along with consulting staff and also autonomously, but always accompanied by consulting and discussing reinforcements and adaptations to meet the needs of the company. Training is well documented and already extensively used in companies and educational institutions in Production Engineering.

Chrono-Analysis Training Description:

The Chrono-Analysis with duration of 36 hours, divided into 16 training of Crono-Analista with duration of 36 hours, divided into 16 lessons of 2 hours each, Distance Learning (ODL) or in the company.

Covering the following topics:

Lesson 01: Chrono-Analysis Activities;

Lesson 02: Production Capacity Calculus;

Lesson 03: Process Planning and Analysis of Operations;

Lesson 04: Motion Economy Study;

Lesson 05: Standard Time Determination;

Lesson 06: Time Study Execution (Chronometry);

Lesson 07: Worker rhythm (pace) Evaluation Techniques;

Lesson 08: Pre Determined Standards and Elementaries Times;

Lesson 09: Workers Poly-Valency Level – Study and Training;

Lesson 10: Machines Eficiency Level Study and Maintenance Strategies;

Lesson 11: Technique for Conducting weekly Meetings of Evolution Productive - Part I;

Lesson 12: Technique for Conducting weekly Meetings of Evolution Productive - Part II;

Lesson 13: Produvity Rewards Calculus;

Lesson 14: Attitudes of a Motivating Leader;

Lesson 15: Technical requirements of your Enterprise – Part I;

Lesson 16: Technical requirements of your Enterprise – Part II.

PracticalTex productivity tool for your Enterprise

One of the factors in the sales success is to have a product with the quality that is expected by the customer, the price fair for both parties and a delivery date respected. This last point is very difficult to predict at the time of completion of the sale, because this information depends on many data, which will not always all be available to the seller at the time of sale.

Believing in this way we developed PracticalTex Engineering Production System that meets the Apparel industry in environment 100% web. Tool for analysis and support decision-making for issues of manufacturing processes, such as: estimated orders delivery date, Production orders generation, sequencing, distribution of internal and outsourcing production, production control through the launch productive via Internet. These Resources before existing only for large companies now also available for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Provide the delivery date on the calculations basis of Production Engineering that take into account strategic production points, such as the machine efficiency, operator and times and motiom patterns, such as the productive process losses of raw materials.

But the customer does not need to be a Production Engineer to be able to deal with this information and obtain the best productive strategy. Because the System already has registered in its database for a large repository of examples, which can be used as basic data of start of use of the system within the company, as for example. Operations Standards Time. If there is a need for creation of new time standards for the particular operations of the company, the PracticalTex Company has a body of textile technical consultants, that a consistent cost can obtain these data within the production.

PracticalTex uses the new Production Engineering Concepts, which emphasizes the product and their productive systems, for the production method description and its viability through the planning capacity of the resources available. On the basis of this information that generate a production planning, based on strategic production points, such as:

* The best work method of Apparel Good Construction;

* Record the Production Flow and Displacement time;

* Productive Capacity of each work stage;

* Quantity of Machines;

* Available time for work plan;

* Workers Average Efficiencie (versatility degree);

* Machines Average Efficiencie insite production lines;

* Generates a projection of times, costs, start and end time of each activity within the workflow.

The PracticalTex creating vision was focused on simplicity and quick use, but not for this reason, it is a superficial tool. An example of this is the use of the calculation of the delivery date, which is obtained at the exact time of generation of the request, with the use of a system fully web. Are carried out hundreds of productive calculations, which take into account the manufacturing flows and their respective efficiencies, instantly, providing information that is of strategic importance for the company and its customers.

The focus that this can be used by both micro entrepreneur of fashion as by large companies who wish to perform their calculations productive efficiently. In other words, businesses clothing embrace the concepts of production engineering as a tool to make the venture of fashion more competitive in your market. Where productive issues discussed daily within companies, as for example: produce internally or outsourcing, solve quality problems through provision of technical specifications for manufacturing, where they are really needed and at the right time and for the right person.

Our partnership will also provide the tool, but also to provide training:

* In style of Distance Learning via Skype™;

* The PracticalTex System features explained in videos that are available for the user;

* Available InLoco at your business, our staff with knowledgeable of good production practices.

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