Fashion and Entrepreneurship SchoolsResources Teaching Tool for Schools of Fashion & Entrepreneurship

PracticalTex System resources teaching tool

Datasheet (Fashion Good):

Products characteristics and their outsourcing resources here are recorded, characteristics such as: Production Stages, Operations Sequence, Technical specifications and equipments, fabrics, colors variants and measurements table.

Factory and Outsourcing resouce records (manufacturing characteristic):

Machines and operators quantity, their efficiencies, distances to be traveled and standards time are registered here.

Other support registers:

Other registers that don’t fit as Collection Article or Manufacturing are classified as support registers, like tolerance tables, setting and registers in general are referred to as support.

Issuing and Controlo of login access:

The learning institution head responsible to deal with login and password will control who has access to which PracticalTex System Modules. He will control who entered in the system and when.

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