Simulate and Predict the ProductionInstruct in Productive Strategy

Calculation to forecast of delivey time:

PracticalTex System has a high degree of automation for generation of Production Orders, this is noticed at the time of launch of the request, when in a dynamic simulation of sale are included the items within the application, are generated simultaneously the expected dates of delivery and number of orders to manufacture.

The expected delivery date is obtained through extensive production accounts of the entire manufacturing chain and the result is calculated instantly.

Production Order Management:

Optimally leveling work distribution between the productive resources, PracticalTex System, have spreadsheets with strategic information to support the decision of the best production arrangement in each step of the manufacturing process.

Lanch the internal and outsourcing production:

The system generates report with weekly production demand for each production unit, stating for each stage of production, manufacturing sequence of items, such as all the techniques for producing information. The degree of detail of the technical specificationis is directly related with company’s databank.

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