Production Follow UpCome Along your Production anywhere in the World

Accompany/Monitor your Production anywhere in the World

PracticalTex company that provides consults and web-System Production Engineering for Apparel Industries. We are an enterprise with the goal help of your company in the production organization and coordination even for foreign orders along the outsourced partner companies.

The goal is to enable entrepreneurs to follow all the production steps of its suppliers, these are recorded in the system, then a current production situation is available. This feature is crucial especially for business men working with the development, monitoring delivery of production and sales of fashion goods.

Where quality contro, price and delivery on all production steps are crucial, and logistics complex production that include overseas production and / or production with many suppliers, such as garment factories, embroidery, printing and other.

PracticalTex System is structured with production rules that can predict the best productive way to provide the best choice of raw materials usage and production services. With PracticalTex you can simulate different production strategies and analyze the best choice to improve your earnings.

Our target customers are:

- Entrepreneurs who sell custom clothing and need to ensure with their partners that all production steps are delivered on time and also that all the productive specifications are followed.

- Apparel Companies that wish offer to their customers a productive transparency, providing production information of all production steps, from order creation to delivery production, with this attitude and win greater trust and loyalty of its customers, that turns into greate marketing differential againt the traditional competition actitude.

- Universities and other institutions specialized in fashion and garment production strategies. PracticalTex being used as an educational tool.

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