Follow the Production and Quality of your SupplierBe Competitive guarantee quality and production time of each production step

Monitoring and Ensure quality and production time of each step and be more competitive

One of the greatest entrepreneurs challenger in the fashion industry is to make a profit in an increasingly competitive world. Where your competitior is not just only in the neighborhood but also at oversea. Thus, be productive is not a mere option but an obligation.

The current model is to send the order and wait for production delivery, however in an increasingly competitive world it is necessary to create mechanisms to monitor the production and quality, especially when it involved a large production volume. PracticalTex with your supplier may insert the fufillment of every production stages and create a close relation with the client. At this way your team can plan and to design more bold actions with respect to smaller batches with shorter delivery times and thus have a faster response to the market. For the Fashion World the response time is crucial.

PracticalTex can design the productive capacity of your suppliers and thus be a tool to negotiate the delivery time. Besides reducing the gap of communication time during product development, because the suppliers will be getting online technical specifications from your product department.

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