Production CellCreate with motion the Production Cell

Design the Production Cell

The Production Supervisor is responsible for distributing the employees within the production cell to obtain the maximum productivity. However this is not an easy task. Because it must take into consideration:

- Operations Sequence;

- Machine emplacement;

- Dressmakers Skillfulness Degree for each operation;

- Choose the available fittest workers in the cell for each operation, in order to obtain maximum productivity;

- Take into consideration the machines maintenance level, to choose the best machine that’s fits better for each operation;

- Analysis how much time each operator must remain in job station, to promote the best production leveling.

With the Production Engineering is mathematically possible, create productive rules and design the best productive arrangement of the cell in order to maximize production, taking into account all the factors listed above.

PracticalTex System within its knowledge bank projects the best cell production. Therefore a tool to assist the Production Supervisor. Get maximum production.

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