Article #01Shortening wasys to reduce production costs

Shortening ways to reduce production costs

With the ongoing competition increasing betwee apparels industries, these companies are in check. For the entrepreneur at this moment remain few alternatives. The common practice of thinking will not give the expected results to face the great challenges that the market imposes.

In times of crisis this time is more than ideal for change, this change is reflected in first restructure the way that is thinking the production. Think in a different way control the labor Best usage, which has a direct impact on product cost. The skilled labor is a scarce resource in the market.

The simplification of operations and use of facilitators equipments, accompanied by a good study of Times & Motions. Will better utilize manpower and consequently will reduce the production cost.

The production engineering by an internal expert professional and / or consultants aims to reduce costs. Through the analysis and improvement of the reality of the company with regard to:

- Motion and Times & Methods using production control computerized tools: easy to use, low cost and 100% web;

- Machine and Equipment Automation, develop the seamstresses expertise level;

- Simplify the production flow, we call this the improved lay-out;

- The workload distribution, also known as line balancing and finally the implementation of manufacturing cells, which promotes teamwork.

All these actions above, makes it possible to implement productivity awards, motivational strong ally seamstresses productivity.

The use of automatic machines simplifies in the such way the operation that dispenses the hand of specialized, expensive and rare work that can be performed by an operator, in which the training is summed up in a few hours. Being that this operator will produce with a productivity and quality can reach 500% in relation to skilled labor working in conventional machines.

Acquire automatic machines is a big step towards improving productivity, quality and cost reduction. However the criterion for the choice of machines that are better adapted to their reality production is a strategic decision and must undergo counseling of a consultant and/or specialist.

Should be considered the best cost / benefit choice, ie, maintenance cost, warranty time & technical support and equipment lifetime (reduce depreciation costs).

Since it is of high cost equipment, the study is vital for the purchase, if possible, for instance, acquire a machine which can be used in two or even three shifts. Using more efficiently investment.

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