Lean ManufacturingImplementation Lean Manufacturing Tools Consulting for Apparels Companies.

Delineate a strategy with your company for Lean Manufacturing implementation.

We PracticalTex can give guidance on the implementation of Lean Manufacturing tools in your and your partners organization, in the form of distance consulting. Where we can arrange training of awareness of tools, below is a strategic plan as will be discussed include the tools, analyzed the reality of your company and created a strategy for training and review and monitor the implementation of the activities.

Suggested Steps for implemention LEAN MANUFACTURING into Apparel Company.

Step 01: Lean Manufacturiong - Planning and Implementation.

a) Valuable Stream Mapping Analysis – Product Mix, Product Family, Representability (Pareto Chart);

b) Door to Door (D2D) – Per Family of products;

c) Right at First Time (RFT) Concepts.

Step 02: 5S

a) Checklist applied into work area;

b) Selective Waste Gathering;

c) Stadardization and Documentation.

Step 03: Visual Management

a) Kanban (Control Cards for pieces under production process).

Step 04: Value Stream Mapping

a) Define the Families of Products;

b) Define the Actual and Future Situation of Production Site;

c) Pilot Cell.

Step 05: Determine the characteristics of Family of Products

Step 06: Cause and Effect Diagram

Step 07: Pull Production Keys definitions (by cliente demand) (kanban)

a) Production Planning by customer demand (takt time).

Step 08: Production Cell Design – actual and future

a) Work area (used metreage (footage));

b) Path traveled by the piece (linear meters/feet);

c) Number of employees required;

d) Work In Process (WIP);

e) Handling time;

f) Adding Product Value Index.

Step 09: Standard Work and Line Levelng

Step 10: Daily Cell Supervision Strategies

Step 11: Coordenation Activities of Continue Improvements (kaizen events)

Step 12: Proof Mistake Systens Techniques for Product Prodution (PokaYoke)

Step 13: Reports and Grafics Controls

Step 14: Preventive Maintenance

a) Activities Timeline;

b) Checklists;

c) Labors training for oiling / cleaning / minor Treinamento de operadores para Lubrificação / Limpeza / simple maintenances;

d) Databank for Maintenance Eficiency Control;

e) Red Card (Communication Strategy between production and maintenance team).

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