Dynamics of learningExercises with students

Learning Dynamics suggested using the PracticalTex System

The PracticalTex 100 %web was first designed to be used exclusively as a production industrial clothing engineering tool. As Soon As in dynamic teaching classroom, aims to recreate scenarios from day-to-day production within the academic environment.

Develop the Garment Technical Specifications

After the collection development (drawings), students create the modeling and pilotage, at the this moment are recorded: production stages; operations; technical specifications for operation; apparatus for operation; table of measurements; colors and fabrics of the article collection.

Productive Capacity Analysis

Study for each production stage (for example, cutting, embroidery, stamping, sewing, ironing and packaging), the machine efficiencies, operator versatility degree (per group of operation), production cell layout and montion and time study for each operation.

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